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More Than Profiles

We can manufacture aluminium profiles tailored exactly to your business' needs. Approximately 90% of our profiles are made according to our customers' specifications. You can rely on our expertise and ability to understand your intended use – we have decades of experience.

Our goal is to be a "one stop shop" when it comes to aluminium profiles. We will help you produce profiles that meet your exact needs. In practice, all you need is a product idea - we will help you turn your idea into reality. But design work and manufacturing only cover a part of the process. If you so wish, we can also provide warehousing services here in Foshan and a variety of surface treatments.

With the help of our net work, sky is limit - with just one order you can receive finished, machined pieces, delivered where you need them. When this is combined with our warehousing model, we can create a highly flexible value chain that meets your company's needs. This is what we call a comprehensive partnership.


What We Can Do ?

Lvxing Metal prides itself on being able to deliver much more to our customers than just the supply of materials. We are able to offer you an abundance of solutions that alleviate your risk, cost and stress. We benefit from all the technical and commercial backing only a big business like Lvxing Metal can provide.


We can offer:

● Expedited delivery scheduling

● Project support

● Credit and finance management

● Technical support

● Componentry and sub-assemblies

● Fabrication solutions


These are just some of the solutions that take the work out of our customers' hands, allowing them to concentrate on what they do best.