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The new trend of aluminum Windows and doors curtain wall material purchasing selection


Real estate purchasing selection influence industry development

According to Chinese nonferrous and chinalco net and other professional institutions survey statistics, 2012-2015 national construction aluminum overall supply exceeds demand, even in this background, the aluminum production base from the largest township of the south China sea aluminum into guangdong, jiangsu, jiangxi, shandong, etc to the situation of aluminum go hand in hand, of course, because of the production technology and industrial supporting, the quality of the product. Due to the homogeneity of the single aluminum extrusions, directly lead to price competition is increasingly fierce, the external doors and Windows are also facing foreign system of, cake is shrinking, and the more points predator, the domestic many profiles and doors and Windows companies are faced with reform transition strives for the survival situation.

The upstream industry as building aluminum industry, real estate developers for the selection of aluminum, a direct impact on the development direction of aluminum industry. Tend to be more rational when the real estate market development, an overall increase in the amount is slowing, and quality improved, and real preparation for aluminum enterprises to develop products suitable for the era of consumers living. Aluminum industry is in the real estate industry and living, at the same time can help designers to make the colorful products, only take care of each other, both to maintain the green ecological balance.

aluminum product research and development innovation direction

In recent years, the domestic aluminum enterprise product research and development innovation, there are two main directions: one is the material production process of technological innovation. Production technology innovation has two themes:

One is the safety of the production technology of environmental protection, such as aluminum coating pretreatment without chromium (entry "chrome" provided by the industry encyclopedia), fluorocarbon powder for fluor-carbon painting, electrophoresis profiles of alkali oxide sand instead of acid sand, etc., the process is based on many years under the premise of aluminum production processing technology, in response to environmental policy and is beneficial to improve production efficiency, reduce production cost, innovation of scientific research. It is understood that the new production process has been in guangzhou area of environmental requirements higher profile the productivity of enterprise transformation became mature, large quantities of used in domestic large construction projects;

2 it is material handling innovation: in order to meet the demand of consumers increasingly rich spiritual and material needs, aluminum construction profiles color have silvery white and green in the 90 s into a customized color, now that the designer can according to the building facade color in vitro and indoor decorate a style needs, whatever is required to the supplier to provide color swatches, suppliers can be in the downstream cooperation with paint supplier to provide the same color profiles.

Comprehensive summary, the main building material surface treatment will be divided into seven categories: material (without surface treatment), oxidation, electrophoresis, powder coating (entry "powder coating" provided by the industry encyclopedia), fluorocarbon paint, wood, composite material. This several kinds of surface treatment is the most basic one of the most traditional way of surface treatment, and in recent years, in addition to the material, almost each have each table processing and full of innovation.

In guarantee under the premise of surface treatment of weatherability, better known as one of the brand based on the traditional electrophoresis technology research and development of porcelain swimming, higher than that of conventional electrophoresis paint film thickness, and quality of paint film is higher than normal level of electrophoresis paint film, color more full of colour and lustre, good weather resistance. Powder coating field also introduced Italy wood grain coating, better than traditional wood grain transfer printing weatherability, stereo sense is stronger; Fluorine carbon surface also gradually from the traditional technique of the lacquer that bake to the recovery rate is higher, no chemical gas release of weathering fluorocarbon powder spraying process. These new treatment process was the result of the scientific and technological innovation, the cost will be lower than the traditional process.

Composite profiles and schools of thought contend, all kinds of heat insulation performance is good, and good decorative materials combined with aluminum, mainly in order to meet the Chinese traditional culture of wood doors and Windows. Is one of the more common is real wood/aluminum composite profiles, divided into two kinds of aluminum BaoMu and wooden package, two kinds of main difference is that the main mechanical parts, aluminum wooden package is at the side of the traditional aluminum profile by plastic or other means to composite on a layer of wooden or compound wood material, hardware rabbet and aluminum alloy (entry "aluminum alloy" provided by the industry encyclopedia) notch is consistent; And aluminum BaoMu closer to pure solid wood doors and Windows, the main force and hardware notches on the wooden structure. Often see aluminium BaoMu material prices higher than wooden package. Another BaoMu aluminum profiles mostly solid wood, wood and wooden packages of aluminum wood has both solid wood and all kinds of composite wood.

The design of the profile structure research and development

Another innovation is the profile of the structure of the design research and development direction. Profile of the structure of the designed and developed based on hardware accessories support under the premise of economical and practical, for "X", in order to meet the different physical properties such as air watertight insulation for "Y", according to the different way of doors and Windows open means, curtain wall structure to comprehensively consider the process of design. Profile structure design research and development is the important aspect of profile enterprise daily design work, mainly is in response to market competition, developer and door window subcontract (term "subcontractor") provided by encyclopedia of industry unit requirements, continuously improve and perfect the existing products series, in order to achieve higher five standards. After nearly 10 years of high-speed development of the real estate market, the doors and Windows profile enterprises from ordinary 50 series flat open, push-pull 90, single Ming hidden frame curtain wall development to the present all kinds of broken bridge is not broken bridge Windows and doors, all kinds of wind-load *. Each profile mould at least ten sets of, many millions. Series of constantly improve the quality of the doors and Windows at the same time, also because of the lack of systematic management, enterprise to profile a lot of waste of resources.

Material selection can't sacrifice the whole window performance

In Windows and doors curtain wall engineering bidding process, therefore, the selection of material, developers purchasing manager and the designer often only consider to make specific requirements, the structure of material on the premise of satisfying the specification construction, mainly considering the profile of the structure of the economy, to economy which a set of profile structure to determine the final selection. Economy and from a design standpoint, attaching too much importance to material of door and window structure, must be the premise of performance at the expense of the whole window. Above series of choice, therefore, developers should choose a relatively USES a relatively mature system structure as a tender basis.

In Windows and doors curtain wall engineering bidding process, the selection of aluminum mainly involves is the above two aspects. Profile species diversity to the designers and purchasing manager provides more choices, advice to encourage choose mature and stable new surface treatment, surface treatment for such evaluation profile concentrated visit suppliers, options have mature manufacturing experience, and have independent research and development of production technology and test detection ability of the enterprise, establish a long-term strategic cooperation. Result can provide feasibility to reflect different architectural features, for aluminum companies, is also to encourage innovation, help contain low price competition, contribute to the healthy development of the industry.

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