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Aluminum for the automotive industry – Aluminium in electric vehicles

Light-weighting with aluminum is one of the most effective ways to improve the energy efficiency of electrical and hybrid vehicles. Lvxing metal manufactures lightweight components for electric and hybrid vehicles.


Using aluminum in the power-train and engine system can improve efficiency, reduce weight and lower the cost of production for your vehicle. Aluminum water cooling motor housing from Lvxing offer superior machinability and mechanical properties.


Light, strong and recyclable – how aluminum improves vehicle performance throughout the life cycle.

The vehicle power-train affects the footprint from production, and impacts the overall environmental performance of the car over its lifetime. By replacing conventional parts with aluminum components and systems, you can achieve substantial weight reductions and more-sustainable vehicles. Aluminum’s excellent energy absorption qualities also make it a perfect choice for crash management systems.


We help vehicle manufacturers design and manufacture aluminum powertrain components to raise vehicle performance and efficiency.