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Product Name : Precision tubes


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Product Details

With over 10 years of experience supplying the automotive and the HVAC&R industries, Lvxing Metal is the clear market leader in the field of providing aluminum solutions for heat transfer applications.


Beside heat transfer applications, we serve our customers with aluminum tubes for gas/fluid, structural, solar thermal applications, and niche markets like railway, heavy vehicles and geothermal.

Key features

· Lightweight tubes

· Heat transfer performance

· Reduction of overall costs compared to copper

· Recyclable material

· Corrosion resistance

Application areas

· Heat transfer applications for the automotive market

· Heat transfer applications for the HVAC&R (heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration) market

· Air conditioning installation

· Industrial applications

· Solar thermal

How we can help you

· Broad high-quality product range

· Solutions that attend your sustainability demands

· Improved global presence

· A strong combination of experience, knowledge and technical capabilities

· Aluminum specialists to support you in every step of the project, from selecting the right dimensions and alloys for your application, to providing in-depth knowledge of metallurgy, joining methods and brazing